Sizing Chart

All of our aprons are handmade. Dimensions may vary slightly.
Style Size Average Dimensions Description
Classic S  30"L x 28"W / 32" ties Classic style, petite
Classic M 33"L x 28"W / 36" ties Classic style, medium
Classic L 33"L x 38"W / 36" ties Classic style, extra cover
Classic XL 36"L x 33"W / 40" ties Classic style, tall &/or good for guys
Classic Split M 34"L x 28"W / 36" ties Classic style with split skirt
Crossback S
Crossback M 29"L x 30"W  Crossback neckline, shorter length
Gardener/Potter M 33"L x 31"W Crossback neckline, long split skirt
Kids S 19"L x 16"W /14" ties Classic style, age 3-6
Kids  M 25"L x 19"W / 14" ties Classic Style, age 6-10