We love the color orange- and here's why

Here we are, mid-October where our world in the Northeast is transforming itself into a brilliant color filled landscape. Even our city trees participate in this explosion of color. These warm days and keep-your-window-open nights are full of orange.

Orange is so uplifting- it has energy and vitality. Orange is the symbol for mischievous Halloweens, pumpkins, delicious squashes, and is a color majorly associated with our most widely celebrated and therefore true national holiday, Thanksgiving. Hurray for orange!

In this season of orange, we think of back to school, putting the garden to bed for the winter, Halloween, elections, Thanksgiving and then the oh-so-fast arrival of our end of the year celebrations: Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, Christmas and Kwanzaa.

As a bonus, in this election year, orange is a totally apolitical color (except in Holland). But we are not- PLEASE VOTE!

Sheila and I are sewing our hearts into aprons for holiday wearing and holiday gift giving.

The year 2020 is surely to be defined as a year of overcoming obstacles. We started a business!  And we chose orange as our logo color because it is bright, cheerful and has only positive attributes. We love the color orange.

Get your apron on! 

- Lisa