Mid-Winter Reflections

As we enter yet another month of these challenging times, Sheila and I wonder at the resilience of all of us, but especially children. What a time this has been for them this past year, and still, they are smiling and laughing and being just adorable, or at least most of the time (insert smile). The trust they place in us grownups to get their lives back to normal is hopefully not misplaced!

Sheila and I started our working lives as teachers of children with special needs, so we are both acutely tuned into the unique nature of the obstacles all children must overcome while we sort out this virus mess. 

Let's hear it for the kids! Anything we can do to make them feel more in control of their lives, let's do it. Teaching them how to make soup - so nourishing and comforting -doing some simple crafts, taking a nature walk (masks on) - these are activities that are good for both young and older souls.

We thank you for your support in our inaugural year. We are using our housebound time wisely, making new aprons in new fabrics and styles. Keep an eye on our website for what's coming with the brighter and warmer weather.

And keep your apron on!