Dads, Grads & Gardening - 'tis the season!

As my mother wisely said, "this too shall  pass";  warm weather has finally arrived, and months of being housebound are easing into something "easier".

Hopefully your family has discovered the joys of cooking during the stay-at-home times. Or maybe your family is discovering the satisfaction from growing your own food in your backyard or in container gardening.

In any case, we have the perfect gift - a new, custom designed apron! 

For all the dads in your lives, and with Father's Day soon arriving, show Dad how to do his thing in a more stylish way.

For all the Grads, this is the season to acknowledge all the effort, energy and accomplishments. One of our custom aprons is a perfect way to  recognize achievements in the home school classroom!

Get out there and grow something in our gardening aprons. The split skirt design makes it easier to kneel or bend over your plants and still protect your clothing in these functional and fashionable gardening aprons. Also great for potters and other folks who need to sit to do their best work. 

And even if you don't have a dad or a grad to celebrate, celebrate yourself for making it through this long lonely winter.

Enjoy the sunshine!